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Music To Madness: The Story of Komitas

Music To Madness: The Story of Komitas

Biography, Documentary | English | 72 minutes

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Adler & Associates Entertainment

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Robert Deranian


Robert Deranian, Austin Hines


Robert Deranian


Leila Benmerrouche, Herows Hovsepian

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“Music to Madness – The Story of Komitas”, examines the Armenian Genocide from the perspective of Komitas, an Armenian composer and priest who experienced a life filled with the passion of dreams pursued. Tragically, Komitas also witnessed the devastation of those dreams during the catastrophic genocide years of 1915 to 1923. Through the life and tragedy of Komitas, the genocide is examined not only for its demographic impact it had on the people of Armenia, but also on the culture those murdered souls left behind.

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