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Nothing Man

Nothing Man

Thriller | English | 79 minutes

A Firma

High Octane Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Stephen Gallacher


Emma Bailey, Anna Bennett Squire, Stephen Gallacher


Jonathan Ashdown, Paul Butler, Stephen Gallacher


Daniel Kirk-Hall, Jennifer Jordan, Ric Vince, Tony Goodall, Paul Mayo Mason, Christopher Tauers, Arron Dennis, Joe Buckton, Helen Dowson, Jack Hobbs, Richard Kershaw, Jamie McKeller, Graham Smith, Pam Vince

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O Sumário

Riddled with the brutal nightmares from his long-forgotten past, Noam, a frightened amnesiac, has taken himself away from society, living life as a homeless man. When his only friend is murdered in cold blood, Noam sets out in search of justice and truth, but at the cost of unlocking his own checkered past.

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