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Only in New York

Only in New York

Alternate Titles: Peace After Marriage

Comedy, Drama | Arabic, English | 95 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Ghazi Albuliwi


Alain Peyrollaz, Faruk Ozerten, Hiam Abbass


Ghazi Albuliwi


Hiam Abbass, Hany Kamal, Einat Tubi

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O Sumário

Arafat, a thirty year old Arab New Yorker, lives at home with his parents who are desperate to find him a Muslim bride. Horny and lonely he tries the New York dating scene with zero luck. Then he meets Kenny, a smooth talking single New Yorker who becomes his wing-man. Kenny helps Arafat score a beautiful woman on their first night out, but he is caught by his parents having sex with her. According to Kenny the only solution for Arafat is to move out of his parents house. With no money or job, Arafat can't afford to move out. Then Kenny proposes an idea -- a Green Card marriage for money! But, with an Israeli girl...

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