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Ordinary People

Ordinary People

Thriller | Korean | 99 minutes

A Firma

Contents Panda (NEW)

Elenco e Tripulação


Jin-soon IM


Jung-woo SONG, Seong-jin KIM


Jin-soon IM


Don LEE, Sae-ron KIM, Sang-yeob LEE

O Sumário

Ki-chul, a high school physical education teacher, is dismissed after protesting the student's boxing match and transferred to a local high school. Living a decent life without accidents and then returning to Seoul is the only goal. There is a student who catches Ki-chul's eye. Her name is Yu-jin and she has been running around trying to find a friend, Su-yeon. She raises suspicion of Su-yeon's disappearance, while Ki-chul is constantly involved with Yu-jin. Ki-chul learned that there was a big corruption behind the disappearance of Su-yeon.

Ano de Conclusão