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Other People's Children

Other People's Children

Drama | English | 80 minutes

A Firma

Shoreline Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Liz Hinlein


Liz Hinlein, Diane Marshall-Green, Adrienne Harris


Adrienne Harris


Chad Michael Murray, Diane Marshall-Green, Michael Mosley, Harrison Thomas, Alexandra Breckenridge, Scott Gordon-Patterson

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O Sumário

Sam is not just another starving artist. Her father was World-renowned painter, Frank Trassler and she grew up in the competitive and elite New York art scene. Hoping for a change and desperate to step out of her father’s shadow
Sam turns her camera lens on the exhilarating yet dangerous world of young homelessness in Downtown LA. When Sam meets P.K., a rugged, sexy, street - dweller who lives off the grid with his band of lost boys, she feels compelled to step in and help, despite the reservations and jealousy of her friends JOSH and ARIEL.
P.K. becomes the dark star of her film and her life as she is charmed by his wit and intelligence. She welcomes him into her home and ultimately into her bed. But when the truth about him is revealed, SAM learns just how dangerous it can be to take care of others when you are not taking care of yourself.

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