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Out of Dark

Out of Dark

Documentary | English | 153 minutes

A Firma

Adler & Associates Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Mark Eiden


Marie Adler, Mark Eiden

O Sumário

This documentary contains rare and actual footage taken by a real-world spy operative here in the United States, while on mission. "Out of Dark" takes you into the areas of our society never accessed before. As we speak, there is a whole other world happening around us without our knowledge. Every night when you lay your head down on the pillow, there are hundreds, if not thousands of domestic and foreign operatives lurking around our nation, not to mention around the world. Who are these people? Who do they work for? What are they up to? These are questions we will strive to answer. You won't believe what you are about to see and hear. This program is so secretive, most high-level government officials don't even know about it. We better wake up and take note before it's too late. All identities are withheld to protect the not-so innocent. We don't even know the identities of those participating in the film. We go to great lengths to insure this by setting up the operatives with cameras, utilize voice changing technology, encrypted footage and more. All of our communications are coded and performed by low-tech methods such as the old standard, dead drops. Get ready.

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