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Alternate Titles: Herrliche Zeiten

Black Comedy | German | 110 minutes

A Firma

Picture Tree International

Elenco e Tripulação


Oskar Roehler


Jutta Müller


Jan Berger


Katja Riemann, Samuel Finzi, Lize Feryn

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O Sumário

The wealthy and rather bored landscape architect Evi Müller-Todt (Katja Riemann) lives with her plastic surgeon husband Claus (Oliver Masucci) in their comfortable villa. One day, in a burst of red-wine-induced whimsy, Claus takes out an ad for a new cleaner: “Slave wanted (m/f)”. Astonished by the leather-clad figures that soon gather at his door, he realises his ad has been taken quite literally. At the behest of a shocked Evi, Claus sends the applicants away, only to receive an unexpected courtesy call from Bartos (Samuel Finzi). Well-groomed, educated and ready to serve, Bartos signals his willingness to enter into a more traditional master-servant relationship. After some initial snags, the Müller-Todts begin to enjoy the heavenly pampering they receive from their new servant, who is soon joined by his young wife, Lana (Lize Feryn) and the situation gets increasingly out of hand.

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