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Alternate Titles: 巴克力藍的夏天

Drama, Family | Chinese | 80 minutes

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Creative Century Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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Old people in the tribe have said: "If you can swim to Pakeriran , you are a man of the tribe. If you can swim around Pakeriran a circle, you are a warrior of the tribe..."

Futing, who returns to the tribe on vacation, is suddenly told to replace his grandfather to participate in Sacepo' (sea festival). However, as it’s already difficult for Futing to speak his own mother tongue, how could he catch fish in the sea?

Just when he is about to escape, he meets Lisin, a lovely girl who stays in the tribe to work in exchange for board and lodging. Her eyes are full of admiration immediately when she hears that Futing is going to participate in the sea festival. In order to win the hearts of Lisin, Futing tries his best to learn how to fish in the sea…

Panay director Lekal Sumi Changasan continues to highlight Taiwan aboriginal culture and the effects of modernization on traditional ways of life through this picturesque tale of a city youth’s return to nature and his roots. Student Futing, who lives in Taipei, is suddenly summoned back home by his mother for the summer. He’s told to take his injured grandfather’s place in the village sea festival. Unfamiliar with fishing and tribal customs, Futing grumbles and struggles with the task at hand, but finds renewed motivation after meeting new girl in town Lisin. The film’s title of Pakeriran refers to a small island off the coast of Hualien that Amis men must swim to in order to become true warriors.

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