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Pale Blue Moon

Pale Blue Moon

Science-Fiction | English | 86 minutes

A Firma

Shoreline Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Mark Hosack


Mark Hosack, Ray Hosack


Mark Hosack


Frank Ford, Robert Meadows

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O Sumário

From the dark side of the moon, they came for him. They always come in threes, never twos, never fours and under no condition do they ever come alone. These aliens, Mor-gons or Moonies, are staging an invasion to take over the human race.

Under the pressure Simon Applewhite is coming undone. He is arrested in Giddings, Texas, while tampering with a radio tower in an effort to block alien communication to the moon. No one believes Simon, least of all John Lefsburg, the detective in charge of taking Simon to the mental ward.

Simon believes he was infected by the creatures when he was young. He decides to kidnap the goddaughter of the man he believes to be the ambassador of the aliens before she too is infected. John Lefsburg is faced with the decision to either stop Simon or to believe in him.

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