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Party Time Party Time

Party Time Party Time

Comedy, Drama | English | 97 minutes

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Morgan Lord, Marty Schousboe


Morgan Lord, Marty Schousboe, Shane Simmons


Morgan Lord, Marty Schousboe


Susan Myburgh, Shane Simmons, Marty Schousboe, Asher Perlman, Micah Sterenberg, Michael Brunlieb

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Set over the course of a single night, PARTY TIME PARTY TIME follows an extended group of friends and acquaintances as they try to momentarily forget about the normal woes of life and celebrate for no reason at all.

Leonard (Clayton Margeson) is throwing a "Dress for Success" party in honor of himself. He has invited all his old friends. It just so happens to be on the first day of the rest of Coney's life. Or as far as Coney (Marty Schousboe) is concerned, the end of it. His wife Jamie (Susan Myburgh) has just asked him to move out of the house. He is crashing with his good friends Lady (Morgan Lord) and Candy (Susie Gutowski). Unfortunately Lady is busy trying to satisfy her newfound sexual appetite and hassle her ex Leonard. Candy meanwhile is empathetic but is a little preoccupied dealing with her own issues stemming from the workplace. They try to be supportive and provide distractions, but the furthest thing from Coney's mind is finding a replacement for his perfect, beautiful, wonderful, smart and funny wife. Ugh. Have you met Jamie? She's so nice. Shortly after getting to the party with his buddies Coney, Lady, and Candy and promising to look after them, Brian (Danny Groh) wanders off and who knows what happened to him? What a dumdum.

Can this mish-mash of misfits muster the muscle to minimize their melancholy? Meh. It's easier to just live with it.

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