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Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction | English

A Firma

Highland Film Group

Elenco e Tripulação


Jeffrey Morris


Cassian Elwes, Anne Marie Gillen


Mary-Louise Parker, Brianna Hildebrand, Emile Hirsch, Malcolm McDowell

O Sumário

The Year is 2185. Due to environmental disasters, Earth is no longer habitable, having forced the remaining humans into the space vessel Colony One in search of a new home. With the discovery of the massive, lifeless planet Persephone, a team of three astronauts - resolute pilot Darcy Clarke (Brianna Hildebrand), offbeat engineer Tanya Baxter (Mary-Louise Parker), and passionate scientist Kyle Niven (Emile Hirsch) - is sent to fix the radiation shield, the ultimate obstacle to a successful settlement. Soon they discover that a mysterious and unexpected lifeform on Persephone is the cause of the shield’s malfunction. Humanity’s fate is held in their human hands as the team struggles to make a unified decision: can humanity survive without repeating the mistakes of the past?

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