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Planck Constant

Planck Constant

Drama | Korean | 70 minutes

A Firma

Mirovision Inc.

Elenco e Tripulação


Sung-Kyu Cho


Sung-Kyu Cho


Sung-Kyu Cho


Je-Wook Kim

O Sumário

There is a man named, Woo-Joo, who cuts his hair by 1mm everyday at a hair shop. Every time when he cuts his hair, in his imagination, his assistant hairdresser’s skirt gets shorter by 1mm. At a café, whenever Woo-Joo asks his coffee to get refill, something surprising things are happened to a waitress. Woo-Joo comes to a theater to watch a movie. There is always a woman who seats right next to him. However, she disappears whenever Woo-Joo tries to follow. Woo-Joo climbs a winter mountain. There, he meets three ladies and has a secret conversations with them.

Ano de Conclusão