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Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction, Supernatural Thriller | English | 91 minutes

A Firma

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Elenco e Tripulação


Richard Lowry


Richard Lowry


Richard Lowry


Blane Wheatley

O Sumário

It happens without warning. All electrical devices are abruptly shut down. Dark, unearthly clouds form over cities and towns from which lightning strikes and vaporizes its victims. Food and water is suddenly contaminated, causing bacterial infection that kills within the hour. Ominous robed figures sweep the cities and landscapes, vaporizing everyone in sight. Caught on the outside of civilization are four people, confronted with the unexplainable dangers surrounding them at every turn. In their perilous journey to find refuge, the burning questions arise: is this an alien attack on mankind? God’s biblical wrath? Biological warfare from an earthbound enemy? As the nightmarish events continue to unfold, the grim reality becomes clear to them, that by day’s end mankind will be extinct.

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