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Red Tears

Red Tears

Action/Adventure, Drama | English, Japanese | 87 minutes

A Firma

All Rights Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Takanori Tsujimoto


Masashi Horiuchi


Takanori Tsujimoto


Ishigaki, Natsuki

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O Sumário

A serial killer leaves behind a trail of headless bodies. Hazuki appeals to detective Tetsuo that her missing boyfriend is involved in the case because of a lady who was with him when he disappeared. Hazuki shows him a picture of the lady,Sayoko,and he is attracted to her beauty. Tetsuo unexpectedly runs into Sayoko while investigat- ing the location in the picture. He is fascinated by her,and she is also drawn to the righteous Tetsuo. International action star Yasuaki Kurata presents a real suspense action horror film. The end fight between Natsuki Kato and Yasuaki Kurata is a must see!

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