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Repeat Offender

Repeat Offender

Alternate Titles:

Documentary | English | 60 minutes

A Firma

Global Genesis Group

Elenco e Tripulação


Jason Harney


Jason Harney, Charles Morris Jr, Bradley Nickell, Deborah Louise Ortiz, Rick Romano


Bradley Nickell, Jason Harney


Randy Sutton, Bradley Nickell, Michael King, William Sousa, Patrick Charoen

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O Sumário

Repeat Offender is a true crime TV series, a real life N.C.I.S focusing on dangerous repeat criminals.

The 2 hour pilot is based on the best-selling book by Bradley Nickell about the investigation of the most prolific criminal in Las Vegas history. We follow Detective Nickell as he uncovers clues and the criminal's amassed wealth through thievery, and most alarming of all, his plot to kill Detective Nickell, a judge and a prosecutor.

The series will follow real life stories of Repeat Offenders in the USA.

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