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Return to Horror Hotel

Return to Horror Hotel

Science-Fiction | English | 83 minutes

A Firma

Indie Rights

Elenco e Tripulação


Ricky Hess, Brandon Thaxton


Baby Norman, Jeremy Grey, Stephanie Stevens, James Thomas

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Return to Horror Hotel features four twisted tales of terror and sci-fi. A bodybuilder pumped full of steroids is bitten by bedbugs who in turn grow to exceptional size and began to attack unsuspecting guests. The loyalty of two best friends are put to the test when each becomes desperate to obtain a magical charm cut from Maria Antoinette's guillotine that turns women irresistible and beautiful. A reclusive WWII sailor has not aged since he locked himself away in his motel room over 60 years ago. His biological clock is jumpstarted when a pretty young girl enters his secluded world. Two petty burglars steal the mummified hand of dead magician Harry Houdini only to find the hand wants to be reunited with it's rightful owner.

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