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Drama | English | 91 minutes

A Firma

APL Film

Elenco e Tripulação


Linzee Barclay, Kristian Bruun, Kate Corbett

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O Sumário

By the end of the day Samantha Braun will be dead. But this story isn't about Samantha, it's about the people who love her, know her, and know the people who love her. Samanthology is an anthology drama of 9 stories each about a person impacted by the death of Samantha; the jogger who finds Samantha's body, the pair of coroner's assistants, the best friend, the professional cuddler, the abusive casting director, the son of a lonely woman Sam cared for, the work colleague of Samantha's husband, and finally her husband who only wanted to give Sam everything she wanted.

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