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Scars of An Orphan

Scars of An Orphan

Alternate Titles:

Drama | English | 90 minutes

A Firma

Panama Film Commission

Elenco e Tripulação


Brittany Devries, Conrad Weaver, Jim Pennington


Guillermo Navarro

O Sumário

Diana Prykhodko, the young daughter of a troubled Ukrainian mother, struggles to survive insurmountable odds and adverse circumstances. In a drunken rage, her abusive mother disciplines Diana by holding her face to a stove, horribly marring Diana’s appearance. The scars that remain are not only on the outside. 

Diana escapes to the cold streets of Kiev, Ukraine where she finds refuge with a gang of street children. Roman, the founder of Father’s House, reaches out to Diana and the other children to provide necessary clothing, shelter and food. 

Through a series of unlikely events and encounters, Diana discovers a very different life. Scars of an Orphan tells Diana’s remarkable, unforgettable story of pain but ultimately of forgiveness and the healing power of love.

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