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Screams From The Swamp

Screams From The Swamp

Alternate Titles: Grida Dalla Palude

Horror | Italian | 70 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Lorenzo Lepori


Alex Visani


Lorenzo Lepori, Antonio Tentori


Simona Vannelli, Lorenzo Lepori, Pio Bisanti, Antonio Tentori

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O Sumário

When Angela's husband and son die in hospital after a car crash she takes it upon herself to seek justice against the doctor who operated on the pair. Desperation and obsession lead Angela into a paranoid state, dissociating her from reality. She follows the doctor day after day: behind the anonymous facade, the man hides a parallel life of depravity and murders committed together with his colleagues. Discovering these new horrors, Angela turns to dark otherworldly forces to find the strength to eliminate the killers. This decision leads her into a spiral of violence and hallucinations, where pleasure and fear intermingle but ultimately there is a high price to pay.

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