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Secret Agent Dingledorf & His Trusty Dog Splat in the Case of the Giggling Geeks

Action/Adventure, Childrens, Family | English | 90 minutes

A Firma

Winter Star Productions

Elenco e Tripulação


Billy Dickson


Taylor Cole, Derrick Warfel, Paul Arroyo


Bill Myers


Paul Johansson, Jason Dolley

O Sumário

Bernie Dingledorf, (10), his trusty dog Splat, and his two geeky friends, Lens Cap, a budding she director, and IQ, poster child for ADHD, are tasked with stopping the mad genius clown, Dr. Chuckles who has created a laugh generator that affects cell phones everywhere and causes everyone to laugh uncontrollably, and which could derail the critical world peace conference. Only Bernie and pals have accidentally eaten the gooey chewy bars that give them immunity to the laugh generator - so no other law enforcement agents can help, they are all rolling on the floor laughing. (from book best selling beloved kids author 8+M, Bill Myers)

Ano de Conclusão