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Drama | Russian | 100 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Slava Ross


Pavel Skourikhine


Slava Ross


Pyotr, Protsko

O Sumário

Set in contemporary Siberia, Monamour, a godforsaken village in the Taiga, Ivan, an old man, and Lyochka, his grandson, live there by themselves, surrounded with a pack of stray dogs. They survive thanks to the old man's meager hunting trophies. As for Lyochka, he spends most of his time with Krok, one of the stray dogs who is his only friend, against the will of the grandfather. In this forgotten corner of the world, Ivan and Lyochka's fate will meet the destiny of various men and women who refuse to lose hope: Uncle Youra and his wife Anna, the old man's relatives: two military men a captain and his driver the young Jelezniak and Louba, a prostitute. Will the old man survive in this hostile lands ? Will Lyochka's father return ? Will Uncle Youra and Anna show mercy in a world where suffering has become ordinary ? Is the capitain capable of pity ?Will Jelezniak and Louba get their share of happiness ?Are these people right to keep on struggling ? In the moonlight, a "yellow God" drawn by a child's smiling from the izba's wall...

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