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Action/Adventure, Family | Dutch | 95 minutes

A Firma

DFW International

Elenco e Tripulação


Diede in 't Veld


Edvard van 't Wout

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O Sumário

16-year-old Esmee is wild about horses. Her grandmother however, where she is staying, is totally against horse riding. Esmee finds the young horse Silverstar when he escapes a fire at the riding stables and the two form a special bond. Following the fire at the stables, an offer of help arrives from a horse trader, but can she be trusted? And what plans does she have for Silverstar – sired by famous show jumper Whitestar? Esmee finds out that something strange is going on, but nobody will listen to her. To save Silverstar, she sees no alternative but to run away with the horse.

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