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Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated

Romantic Comedy | German | 116 minutes

A Firma

Beta Cinema

Elenco e Tripulação


Karoline Herfurth


Lothar Hellinger, Christopher Doll


Monika Fässler, Tim Hebborn, Karoline Herfurth


Karoline Herfurth, Aaron Altaras, Nora Tschirner, Milena Tscharntke

O Sumário

What to do if the biological clock is ticking louder and far and wide, there is no suitable partner in sight? Karla is thirty-nine, the radio host of a nightly music show and once again single. She longs to have a child and to finally start a real family, but finding a suitable partner under time pressure is not so easy. So she decides to fulfill her desire for children on her own. And suddenly everyone has an opinion: her divorced parents, her siblings, her friends, even her neighbors, even though all of them are entangled in their own complicated life situations. Only her best friend Senay supports her with help and advice and the right questions. And then fate intervenes when Karla meets the “much too young” Ole, who doesn’t quite fit into her future plans and turns everything upside down.

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