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Sober Cab

Sober Cab

Alternate Titles: Trezviy Voditel

Comedy | Russian | 100 minutes

A Firma

All Media Company

Elenco e Tripulação


Rezo Gigineishvili


Eduard Iloayn


Rezo Gigineishvili


Irina Martynenko, Viktor Khorinyak

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O Sumário

A young naive provincial guy Artem visits a friend in Moscow in the hope of finding a new beautiful life, but first he has to help him working the bizarre job of “sober driver” at night. On the first evening, picking up beautiful Christina from a nightclub, a misunderstanding leads to Artem ending up with her in a hotel room. Completely forgetting of last night’s events, Christina mistakes the guy for a young millionaire, and he, in turn, is in no hurry to disappoint her. With each date Artem falls more and more in love with her, but getting out of ridiculous situations becomes more difficult.

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