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AFM 2019 Screening Schedule

ArcLight 5
nov. 7 - 1:00 pm


Thriller | Spanish | 105 minutes

A Firma

Film Factory Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Andrés Wood


Alejandra García


Andrés Wood


Mercedes Morán, Marcelo Alonso, María Valverde, Pedro Fontaine

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O Sumário

Inés (22), Justo (28) and Gerardo (23), belong to a violent nationalist group that want to overthrow the Marxist government in the 70s. Amid the fervor of this conflict they find themselves wrapped up in a passionate love triangle and commit a political crime that separates them forever.

Forty years later, Gerardo appears. He is inspired, not only by revenge, but also by an obsession to revive the nationalist cause. The police catch him with an arsenal of weapons. Inés, today an influential businesswoman, will do whatever it takes to stop Gerardo from revealing her and her husband Justo’s past. But how can they erase the pulse of a political and sexual passion that still resonates today?

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