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Strange But True

Thriller | English | 90 minutes

A Firma

Bankside Films

Elenco e Tripulação


Rowan Athale


Fred Berger


Eric Garcia


Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, Connor Jessup, Greg Kinnear, Amy Ryan, Blythe Danner, Brian Cox

O Sumário

Strange But True is a tense and multi-layered thriller in the tradition of Mystic River and In The Bedroom in which Ronnie Chase tragically dies on the night of the school prom while his girlfriend Melissa survives. Five years later, Melissa turns up at the Chase household to tell the surviving members of his family that she is pregnant with his child. Though skeptical, they find themselves trying to prove her right, compelled by the resurfacing of their grief, only to discover that the truth is much more terrifying than they could have ever imagined.

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