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Thriller | Chinese, English | 96 minutes

A Firma

All Rights Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Simon Yin


, Philip Yin, Diana Footitt, Derek Ting


Derek Ting


Linus Roache, Richard Ng, Kenneth Tsang, Derek Ting

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O Sumário

Conner Lee (Derek Ting, 'Largo Winch'), a maverick New York Hedge fund trader with uncanny analytic abilities predicts an unprecedented move by the Federal Reserve which sparks investor interest in China. Mark Patterson (Linus Roache, 'Batman Begins', 'Chronicles of Riddick', 'Law and Order'), Conner's boss, urges Conner to move to Hong Kong and orchestrate a hostile takeover of a large family run corporation in Hong Kong headed by: CEO Donald Chang(Richard Ng, Hong Kong veteran actor), and his older brother Victor(Kenneth Tsang, 'Die Another Day', 'Rush Hour2', John Woo's 'A Better Tomorrow'). Conner believes that if he is successful at this trade, he will earn his magic number (in the millions of USD) and ultimately find happiness.
In Hong Kong, Quentin Wong(Darren E. Scott, 'RZA's Man with the Iron Fist') introduces Conner to what money can offer, fast cars, fast women, and fast partying. He helps Conner wage a war on Donald's company. Meanwhile, he meets Natalie (Kathy Uyen, Vietnamese Star of 'Passport to Love', 'How I Met Your Mother'), a smart sophisticated PR director who challenges him to consider there are other things to Life, self fulfillment, family values, and love. All the things that Conner had never believed because of his troubled, jaded past.
With a ten billion USD mega deal and the future of a Hong Kong legacy at stake, will Conner sacrifice a rare chance at fullfilling his personal lifelong ambitions of being rich of a kingdom for conscience? Will he make the ultimate trade, Money for Life?

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