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Tanguy is back

Tanguy is back

Comedy | French | 93 minutes

A Firma

SND - Groupe M6

Elenco e Tripulação


Etienne Chatiliez




Sabine Azéma, André Dussolier, Eric Berger

O Sumário

44 years old Tanguy is devastated - his wife Mei dumped him. So he
does what everyone does and…goes back to his parents ! With Zhu, his
teenage daughter, he moves back with Edith and Paul. The concerned
parents immediatly welcome their offsprings. As weeks go by, Edith
and Paul realise that Tanguy and Zhu are here to stay. The family nest
is way too comfortable, Tanguy and Zhu are settling home. Edith and
Paul struggled to kick Tanguy out 16 years ago. And now it is the same
situation all over again. This time, they will play dirty... No half-measure !

Ano de Conclusão