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That Beautiful Somewhere

That Beautiful Somewhere

Drama, Mystery | English | 93 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Robert Budreau


Ian Murray, Robert Budreau


Robert Budreau, Robert Budreau


Roy Dupuis, Jane McGregor, Gordon Tootoosis

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O Sumário

With demons from his tour of duty in Bosnia haunting him, police detective Conk Adams (Roy Dupuis) is tasked with identifying a body found in a secluded northern bog. A young archaeologist from the city is called in to assist him. But Catherine Nyland (Jane McGregor) has a secret of her own: she requires physical healing just as much as Conk is in need of spiritual and emotional relief.

An unlikely pair, their working relationship develops into a unique personal bond as they review the forensics of the case. Along the way to uncovering the secret of the preserved body in the mystical bog they encounter a reclusive Aboriginal elder (Gordon Tootoosis) who seems to hold the key not only to the body's identity but also to the path down which Catherine and Conk will ultimately travel.

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