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The Bachelorette Party 2

The Bachelorette Party 2

Alternate Titles: Addio al Nubilato 2

Comedy, Family | Italian | 110 minutes

A Firma

Minerva Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Francesco Apolloni


Gianluca Curti


Francesco Apolloni


Laura Chiatti, Antonia Liskova, Chiara Francini, Jun Ichikawa

O Sumário

Preparations are in full swing for Eleonora’s wedding. Polina, her mother, gives her a jewelry box with a ‘relic’ of her father, asking her to satisfy her father’s wish to be buried in a small cemetery on the border between Italy and Slovenia. Linda, Eleonora, Akiko and Vanessa will go an unforgettable road trip where they will discover new sides of their respective personalities that they never imagined they had.

Ano de Conclusão