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The Best Families

The Best Families

Comedy | Spanish | 99 minutes

A Firma

Latido Films

Elenco e Tripulação


Javier Fuentes-León


Carla Cavassa, Andrés Calderón, Roy Azout Guadalupe Balaguer


Javier Fuentes-León


Tatiana Astengo, Gabriela Velásquez, Gracia Olayo

O Sumário

Luzmila and Peta are two sisters who come from a modest environment and work as housemaids for Alicia and Carmen, two aristocratic ladies of Peru. They are almost considered a part of the families or, at least, that’s what it seems… But one day, as the city is taken over by violent protests, a birthday celebration gathers all the members of both families together. A long-held secret involving both households — upstairs and downstairs — is suddenly revealed, blowing up the bubble of their perfect aristocratic world forever.

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