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The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic

Drama, Thriller | Finnish | 82 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Teemu Nikki


Petri Poikolainen, Marjaana Maijala

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O Sumário

An intense movie, shot from a blind man’s perspective. An atypical action/ thriller film about a man who has to go through hell to reach his loved one.

Jaakko is blind and disabled, tightened to his wheelchair. He loves Sirpa. Living far away, they have never met in person, but they meet every day over the phone. When Sirpa is overwhelmed by shocking news, Jaakko de- cides to go to her immediately despite his condition. In any case, he just needs to rely on the help of five strangers in five places: from home to taxi, from taxi to station, from station to train, from train to taxi and finally from taxi to… her.

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