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The Chapel

The Chapel

Alternate Titles: La Ermita

Supernatural Thriller | Spanish | 100 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Carlota Pereda


Laura Fernández Brites, Carlos Fernández, Iñaki Gómez, Pablo Echart


Albert Bertran Bas, Carmelo Viera, Carlota Pereda


Belén Rueda

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O Sumário

Emma wants to learn how to communicate with the spirit of a little girl who has spent centuries trapped inside a chapel and so she tries to convince Carol, a skeptical and fake medium, to help her. Contacting the spirit will help her to remain close to her sick mother once she dies. What Carol doesn’t suspect is that Emma really does have “the gift” and, if she keeps on trying to use it without her help, she will be putting her young life at risk.

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