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The Ghastly Brothers

The Ghastly Brothers

Childrens, Comedy, Fantasy, Science-Fiction | Dutch | 87 minutes

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Dutch Features Global Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Michael van Ostade


Tomas Leyers


Michael van Ostade, Andrew van Ostade


Michael van Ostade, Andrew van Ostade, Tine Embrechts

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The debut film of filmduo Michael & Andrew Van Ostade, The Ghastly Brothers is a fantastic adventure film for young and old. When Lilith meets the Ghastly Brothers, she is thrown into a world of ghosts and ghouls.
The quirky Lilith is sent to boarding school. There she meets new friends and some strange ghost hunters, ‘The Ghastly Brothers’. Along with these professional paranormal detectives she ends up in her own haunted adventure, solving her personal problems and those of her friends. A film about the little dark monster in all of us.

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