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The Girl On A Bulldozer

The Girl On A Bulldozer

Drama | Korean | 113 minutes

A Firma

LittleBig Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Ri-woong PARK


Byung-rae AHN


Ri-woong PARK


Hye-yoon KIM, Hyuck-kwon PARK

O Sumário

Hye-yeong turns out 20 soon. As one can see her tattoo on her arm, she doesn’t have a thing to scare. But the only problem is her father, Bon-jin. One day, he is found in the hospital. He allegedly assaulted someone, stole a car, and hit 2 innocent people. Because of the accident he also gets harmed and unconscious, police said. After that Hye-yeong gets several anonymous calls from the people who want to talk to her father. And a couple suddenly shows up at the father’s restaurant and they say they would take it over from Bon-jin in 2 weeks. On top of that, Bon-jin’s condition gets rapidly worse and now is brain-dead.

Ano de Conclusão