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Baikal: The Lake of Enchantment

Baikal: The Lake of Enchantment

Documentary | English, Russian | 107 minutes

A Firma

ModernAge Corporation

Elenco e Tripulação


Anastasia Popova


Igor Dobrovolsky


Marina Bandilenko


Basta Tsidenov

O Sumário

A shortage of drinking water caused by droughts is conquering the Planet. The salvation from a thirst for humanity is living in harmony with Nature. This film is about the most ancient, the deepest and the purest lake in the world – Baikal. This unique freshwater reservoir is an example of an ideal model of the world as it shall be. The same as the harmony in between the lifestyle of indigenous people and Nature itself should be the role model for other people. Together with one of its kind freshwater seal, we will go on an exciting journey alone Baikal Lake to discover its secrets of life.

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