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The Last Inn

The Last Inn

Horror | English | 97 minutes

A Firma

OneTwoThree Media

Elenco e Tripulação


David Kuan


David Kuan


Bill Jones, Catherine Lewis


Emily Hall Tender, Walker Barnes, Tristan Cunningham, Jamel King

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When university student Laura loses her memory, she is only left with the thought to visit the island of Galveston. On her journey, everything gets in her way: she encounters car accidents, mudslides, and collapsed mountain roads, finding herself completely cut off from the outside world. The only place available is the peculiar Last Inn, where Laura decides to seek shelter. Little does she know that by entering the creepy hotel, she will trap herself in a life-altering game. Evil spirits are released by a terrifying cursed doll and horrific events are triggered by an ancient Asian pencil-fairy ritual they play. One thing in clear: once you check into The Last Inn, you’ll never check out.

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