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The Legacy of the Bones

The Legacy of the Bones

Thriller | Spanish | 119 minutes

A Firma

Film Factory Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Fernando Gonzalez Molina


Mercedes Gamero


Luiso Berdejo, Dolores Redondo


Marta Etura

O Sumário

It’s been a year since Inspector Amaia Salazar solved the crimes that terrorized her valley. She’s now pregnant and is determined to leave what she experienced in her hometown in the past. But she finds her life shaken by an unforeseen event: the suicides of several inmates who leave behind a single written word in their cells: Tarttalo.

The dangers Amaia thought she’d escaped return with a vengeance and she must undertake a dizzying investigation to solve the new case, all while menaced by the presence of her disturbing mother.

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