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The Other World

The Other World

Alternate Titles: L'Autre Monde

Documentary, Mystery, True Story | English, French | 88 minutes

A Firma

All Rights Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Richard Stanley


Fabrice LAMBOT


Scarlett AMARIS


Richard Stanley

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Some believe that another world exists alongside our daily, conscious reality – a ‘shadowland’ of fairies, angels, and spirits. There are places where these worlds are said to overlap, regions described as ‘window areas’ by modern UFO enthusiasts. But just what are these places? Ancient sacred sites? Gateways into fairyland? Telluric and electro-magnetic ‘hotspots’? Doorways into other dimensions or black holes in consensus reality? Richard Stanley takes us on an amazing journey into the wild and mysterious southwest of France, through the medieval villages of Montségur, Rennes- le-Château and Bugarach.

“After twenty-two years of study, ... this film project will examine some of the curious belief systems of the region’s inhabitants, where half remembered legends of fairies and the ‘encantada’ blur into modern day UFO lore.” Richard Stanley

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