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The Shooting of 319

The Shooting of 319

Alternate Titles: Who Shot the President?

Drama, Thriller | Chinese | 107 minutes

A Firma

Creative Century Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Elenco e Tripulação


Chang-Feng FU


Sam SU


Chang-Feng FU


Feng SHIH, Chih-Kung TOU, Chia-Kuei CHEN

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O Sumário

Who Shot the President? A Bullet that Turned Taiwan Presidential Election Upside Down.

The movie revisits the shooting of former president Chen and vice president Annette LU on the eve of the presidential election in 2004. After the shooting, the two won the presidential election. Moreover, the crime suspect was drowned in a near port days after the incident.

The assassination case has been investigated by the authority for 15 years; however, several questions surrounding the “319 Shooting” remain unanswered to this day. The movie approaches a dark period of Taiwan history and shows the mechanics of power - in a witty and creative way.

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