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The Sleeper

The Sleeper

Science-Fiction, Thriller | English | 74 minutes

A Firma

Shoreline Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Drew Maxwell


Dan Kattman


Drew Maxwell


Lucian McAfee, Cotter Smith, Shannon Watson, Nicola Depinto, Mark Metcalf

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O Sumário

In the 1990's, the CIA developed a small group of spies, referred to as Sleepers, gifted with the ability to connect with other people in their dreams. The existence of this experimental program is known only to an elite few, and was used only for espionage, until now. Kyle Manning, a former Sleeper agent, is confronted within the dream world by another agent, Steven, bleeding to death. Steven informs Kyle that a previously unknown Sleeper is hunting down and killing all of the original agents. Kyle is contacted by the former head of the Sleeper Program, who pleads with him to return he reluctantly agrees. What Kyle finds will force him to the limits of his abilities, his loyalties and his own soul. In the end, Kyle is faced with the prospect of living a life worse than Hell itself.

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