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Thunder Chase (working title)

Thunder Chase (working title)

Action/Adventure | English, Mandarin, Russian | 85 minutes

A Firma

Universe Films Distribution Co., Ltd

Elenco e Tripulação


Yingli Zhang, Haonan Chen


Mu Liu, Paul Russell Kearschner Iv, Ponomarenko Ivan, Tuflinskaia Natalia

O Sumário

Au and his friends go on a trip to Russia without telling his estranged father Ting (by Liu Mu), and he soon finds himself in deep water as they get held up by the local mobsters. Ting receives a tip-off from Russia, and he quickly put together a two-man rescue squad with his friend Mo, and head to Russia for his son. Against all the odds, the two track down the gang. All the evidence point to the crime ring led by Joshua, and the two find themselves uncovering a massive scheme…

Ano de Conclusão