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True to the Heart

True to the Heart

Comedy, Romance | English | 89 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Mitchell Kase


Mitchell Kase, Byron Stankus


Byron Stankus, Mitchell Kase


Andrew Ruth, Meghan O'Leary, Michael Hartney

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O Sumário

Drew Taylor (Andrew Ruth) is a cocky rock singer/guitarist. One night, music critic Kaitlyn Rose (Meghan Grace O'Leary) comes to see his show and trashes his performance in her review, leaving Drew's career in shambles.

Months later, Drew's manager hires and image consultant to revitalize his reputation. The new hire turns out to be Kaitlyn, whose career climbing has brought her to the public relations business. Now, the two spirited individuals are forced to work together, despite their animosity towards each other. But just as a friendship begins to emerge, someone from Drew's past resurfaces to subvert his renewed success

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