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Two Witches

Two Witches

Horror | English | 99 minutes

A Firma

MPI Media Group

Elenco e Tripulação


Pierre Tsigaridis


Maxime Rancon, Pierre Tsigaridis


Kristina Klebe, Pierre Tsigaridis, Maxime Rancon


Kristina Klebe, Rebekah Kennedy

O Sumário

Sarah is a newly pregnant woman whose disconcerting encounter with an old woman convinces her that she’s been placed under a witch’s curse. Masha is a troubled young college student who believes she will inherit her dying grandmother’s deadly powers.

Tracing the parallel stories of these two women’s confrontations with the supernatural, TWO WITCHES is a roller-coaster ride into a sisterhood bound by legacy and bathed in blood, full of biting wit and deliriously disturbing imagery.

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