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A Bigger World

A Bigger World

Alternate Titles: Un monde plus grand

Drama | French | 100 minutes

A Firma

WaZabi Films

Elenco e Tripulação


Fabienne Berthaud


Carole Scotta, Christine Palluel, Barbara Letellier, Geneviève Lemal


Fabienne Berthaud, Claire Barré


Cécile de France, Narantsetseg Dash, Ludivine Sagnier

O Sumário

In order to get over the death of Paul, the love of her life, Corine leaves Paris for a few weeks in Mongolia. But her meeting with the shaman Oyun upends her plans, as Oyun proclaims that Corine has received a rare gift. Back in France, she cannot refuse what is now imposed on her: she must go back to Mongolia to begin her initiation... and discover a bigger world.

Ano de Conclusão