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Under the Bed

Under the Bed

Supernatural Thriller | English | 86 minutes

A Firma

Bleiberg | Dimbort

Elenco e Tripulação


Steven C. Miller


Brad Miska, Will Clevinger, Zak Zeman


Eric Stolze


Jonny Weston, Gattlin Griffith

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O Sumário

From the producers of "V/H/S" and the director of "The Aggression Scale" and "Silent Night" comes a new horror adventure.

Some years back, a young Neal Hausman (Jonny Weston, CHASING MAVERICKS) committed an act as serious as it was incomprehensible. In a moment of panic, the adolescent burned down the family home in hopes of eliminating the demons living therein. Now he’s back in his hometown after a lengthy stay in a psychiatric hospital. For Neal, it’s a new beginning, something that will finally allow him to live a normal life with his family. Unfortunately, his past catches up with him the moment he sets foot in his neighbourhood. The arsonist’s arrival there doesn’t just set tongues wagging. It also incurs the wrath of a nocturnal creature that has made its home under his bed — the same creature he had long ago tried to destroy with fire. For it wasn’t madness that drove Neal to reduce his home to cinders, but rather the repeated attacks by a demonic being. He’s once again confronted by the beast, but this time he’s not alone. His brother, Paulie (Gattlin Griffith of Clint Eastwood’s CHANGELING), the only person to believe in him, appears to have himself become a target of the monster. Instead of standing idly by, he decides to join forces with Neal, whatever the consequences, bloody though they’re certain to be. Destroying this voracious chimera is going to be a family affair!

All horror movie fans love a good old-fashioned monster story, especially when it brings back childhood fears. As its title suggests, UNDER THE BED takes its inspiration directly from the fear that kept many of us from closing our eyes at night. It is nevertheless a stimulating retelling of this familiar terror, in that it incorporates a strong dose of psychology by way of character development. Eric Stolze’s screenplay focuses in large part on the relationship between Neal and Paulie, two brothers united by a certainty that’s harshly called into question by those close to them. This dedication to intimacy doesn’t stop the film from being a source of raw entertainment which, in addition to sending many a shiver down the spine, culminates in a climax that is both breathtaking and blood-soaked. Produced by Bradley Miska (V/H/S) and Will Clevinger (AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION), UNDER THE BED is first and foremost the new film from Steven C. Miller, director of THE AGGRESSION SCALE, itself a dazzling success on the festival circuit. This rising star of genre cinema should definitely be on your list of talent to watch.

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