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Drama | Catalan, Spanish | 94 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Alex Lora


Valerie Delpierre


Alex Lora, Maria Minguez, Pilar Palomero, Marta Vivet


Greta Fernandez, Nora Navas, Pablo Molinero, Elena Martin

O Sumário

Isa has it all. She’s young, intelligent, pretty and works for a trendy advertising agency, while at the same time finishing a PhD and developing her own, personal projects as a multi-disciplinary artist. She’s a strong, spontaneous woman, who’s extremely sure of herself. Feminist, activist and polyamorous, Isa defends her way of life tooth and nail. She’s constantly motivated by her desire to experiment and knows she can do anything she sets her mind to.

When her boyfriend, Guillem, tells her he wants their relationship to be exclusive, Isa cannot bring herself to accept his ultimatum and is forced to return home to live with her mom. From this moment on, Isa’s life will be turned upside down as she goes on an emotional rampage, leaving a trail of broken-hearted corpses behind her. Refusing to take responsibility for any of her actions, Isa actually sees herself as the victim and, in the process, unwittingly reveals the most childish, vulnerable and narcissistic aspects of her personality, which had, until now, gone hidden behind her magnetic facade.

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