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USS Seaviper

USS Seaviper

Action/Adventure, Drama | English | 93 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Ralph Villani


Rob Norris


Lynanne Rockhill


Jeremy King, Robb Maus

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O Sumário

The backs of the Axis alliance are broken… or are they? A U.S. Submarine is sent on a Top Secret mission to search for downed pilots and discovers German and Japanese troops conspiring on an Island in the Pacific... they have all the ingredients for the “Ultimate Weapon!”

September, 1944. Captain Culpepper of the USS SEAVIPER, receives an order from Vice-Admiral Stallerman, under direction from President Roosevelt, to rescue the crew from a downed plane near Sumatra. The landing party rescues the pilot with two escaped POW’s from a nearby island. They confirm that the Germans have converted a mine laying U-234 into a long-range submarine, which transported a deadly cargo labeled U-235 across the Pacific to the Japanese. USS SEAVIPER’s landing party devises a plan to steal the “Ultimate Weapon,” and is forced to separate.

Ordered to return to the boat while the Captain stays on the island with the rest of the landing party, Chief Keenan must deal with unexpected changes in command. When the Ex-O suffers a serious head injury during a depth charge attack, he is relieved of duty and Keenan’s rival, Navigational Officer Cutter, takes command of the sub. A stuck torpedo… a flooded compartment… and structural damage from a Japanese Destroyer all threaten the survival of USS SEAVIPER and its crew.

Under orders from the boat’s Captain to maintain position and meet the landing party at its scheduled rendezvous, the chief finds himself in a power struggle against Cutter’s defiance of the Captain’s direct order. With only enough high compressed air to get USS SEAVIPER to 100 Feet, low oxygen, and a Japanese destroyer on the hunt.... will the USS SEAVIPER be able to return to the surface, or will heroism run deep with NO SURRENDER!

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