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Horror, Psycho-Drama, Suspense, Thriller | English | 75 minutes

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Benjamin Helmeczi


Jerry Koedding


Benjamin Helmeczi


Sandy Johnson, Caroline Boulton, Pál Ifj. Elek

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VULPES is a psychological horror film in the animal abuse space.

Vulpes is trying to fight for those who cannot defend themselves: animals. He goes out about and kidnaps people who abuse animals. Once captured, Vulpes submits them to the same treatments they imposed on the poor animals. Caged, tortured, and abused, Vulpes is live-streaming his deeds to the internet to create awareness for the horrifying situation many animals are subjected to. He is threatening to kill them one by one.

The live stream alerts the Wreathwood police department and, more specifically, Detective Matthew Langford to find Vulpes' victims before their time runs out. So Langford sets out to find Vulpes and save the victims. However, Vulpes is waiting for the police to come and find him to complete his plan...

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