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Werner Gruber

Werner Gruber

Thriller | Romanian | 89 minutes

A Firma

Global Genesis Group

Elenco e Tripulação


Igor Sadovski


Sergiu Pascaru, Ovi Preda, Igor Sadovski


Liuba Sadovski


Constantin Ipati, Rada Ixari, Nicolae Jelescu, Alina Stoianov

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O Sumário

Mara returns to the home of her parents who mysteriously died in an accident many years ago. She begins a new life: a new job, a boyfriend Eric, everything is going well. But Werner Gruber, a German who was the mayor of Westfield, and lived in Mara’s house, is not happy that she’s returned to town. Mara gets threats to leave the city immediately, but she ignores the warnings. Until the Postman ends up killed, and it is revealed that he knew who was the killer of her parents. Now, Mara must find the truth before she also ends up dead.

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